Full shot of Set 1 of Viz Media’s release of the 90s Sailor Moon anime on DVD/Bluray! According to Viz Media, “It’s super shimmery!” WEEEE!! Can’t wait to have it in my hands this November!!

Again, this is Part 1 of the first season (episodes 1-23). Viz Media will be releasing all 200 episodes (yes, that includes Sailor Stars), the films, and specials!

Those links are for RightStuf (where you’ll most likely find the best deals). Preorder is also up on Amazon and probably other places as well! Just google/search away!

Again, this is the preorder for Viz Media's rerelease of the ORIGINAL 90s Sailor Moon anime (not Sailor Moon Crystal). This is uncut which means accurate relationships, genders, etc, and the dub cast is brand new! It’s also entirely remastered! (Yay, pretty colors!)

You can watch subbed episodes of the original Sailor Moon for free now on Hulu and/orNeon Alley with two new episodes added every Monday!

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So apparently Gravity Fall’s Lil Gideon’s design was based on actual 1960s child preacher, Larry Hal Larimore

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No long sob story here, here’s the short version: I gotta move out of my house. I already have plenty of savings (because I’ve been preparing to move for a while now) but I’m still a bit stressed out and any bit of money helps. 

SO! I’m offering commissions! $20 for b+w, $40 for color. I’ll draw fanart, original characters, animals, robots, but I will not draw nsfw. Price may go up or down depending on complexity. If you just want a sketch, or a bust, or an icon or something complex with a background, let me know, we’ll talk about it. Contact me at saragoetter (at)

ALSO I have a Storenvy up, now complete with copies of Haircut, Cool, and Keep Moving! Check it out!

And as always I have my Gumroad up for all your PDF needs.

If you can’t afford anything here, spreading the word helps. Thanks guys!

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Escalator Stare Luigi

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Nanafua (Nana) Pizza for @Kate_Farina ‘s Steven Universe Collab. I love Nana ❤❤ So awesome that i put her in a special pose. :)


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THIS DESIGN IS NOW ON TEEFURY.COM !  You have less the 24 hours to go get it! GO GO GO GO!

Go buy Ann’s sweet Sailor Moon tee while it lasts! She is awesome and I pledged to help her take over the world many years ago and this will help I think.

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Here’s a handy dandy color reference chart for you artists, writers, or any one else who needs it! Inspired by this post x

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This is so good!

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i havent posted a lot of art here lately cos i havent had much chance, so how about some shovel knight yes? yes.


Bun Buns

I can’t breathe

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Sailor moon a la mexicana :p

Lo hice por diversión, talvez haga a las demás?

oh my fucking god

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Came across these guys who cosplayed as Dugtrio. I was laughing for days!

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is that miley cyrus

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Hey all! I’ve finally pulled the trigger and set up a Patreon Page to help fund the stuff I’ve got going on. Even if you can’t chip in, I’d love for you to pop over to the site, and watch the video- even if to just get a chuckle out of it.

Xero’ Patreon Page

I’ve also whipped up another I…