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Slipshine needs some sexy short stories!

Right off the bat I must make it clear that there aren’t any regular positions open at Slipshine at the moment, so apologies to those looking for steady work… But we are looking for some stories, short ones, anywhere between 1 and 10 pages, to be featured in our soon-to-be-reopened “Artist Showcase” section, where we’ve featured everyone from up-and-comers, to special guests like Jess Fink, as well as future-regulars like Ovens and Amanda.

If you are an artist who’d like to have a story featured on Slipshine and a bit of $$$ as well, contact me at therealsuperhappy@gmail.com with a few samples. Good luck!

(via littlefroggies)

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    Just in time I’m almost done!
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    anyone wanna draw naked folks for money?