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SHOP IS OPEN FOR 2 WEEKS!!! GET ON DAT SHIT! (start of 8/1- end of 8/15) (free US shipping)

So here’s the deal. I have some left over prints from AX and AM2 that I want to sell still. I also have received a number of emails and messages requesting I sell my prints online to those who couldn’t make it to said cons. The thing is though, some of the prints are in rather low stock, so I have decided to take orders for the next 2 weeks. At the end of those 2 weeks, I will know exactly how many extra prints I will need, I’ll print them off (which takes about 1-2 days), and then ship them to you fine people.  The reason I can’t do this for longer than 2 weeks is simply that I don’t have the capacity for it. I am only one man and my time really needs to be spent making comics and art. Also this way there’s no fear of running out of product, I print exactly what you want on demand, and you get exactly what you want as a result! Everyone wins!

DRAWING RAFFLE:  So for each print you buy within either the VIBE or ONE PIECE groups, your name will be entered into a raffle to win some original sketch cards. They are about 6x9in poster board originals. For EACH print you buy in either category you will have a chance to win these original drawings from their respective categories (so One Piece drawings for the One Piece purchases, and Vibe drawings for the Vibe purchases). I am still unsure how many I will end up doing but I’ll be doing a couple of each to give out - just think of it as a potential added bonus.  Examples can be seen above of Ogoun (vibe group) and Law (one piece group)

PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST since this is going on for such a short time and I want everyone who wanted stuff to be able to get it!! thank you and I hope this is helpful to all the people who couldn’t make it out to west coast cons and were asking for a digital shop!

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    Reblogging to remind you guys you all have 1 week left to place your orders before I close up shop!! Also a big thanks...
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    OH. MY. GOD. If I had money….
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